5 Steps to Efficiency with Professional Transcription Services


When it comes to selecting a professional transcriptions services company, there are five easy steps you can take to ensure efficiency.

After all, one of the most frustrating things is hiring a company that provides sloppy or slow service. Following these five steps will help you choose a high quality transcriptions company the first time around.

1. Know What You Need.

Before you even begin researching professional transcription service companies, know what you need in a finished product.

Does accuracy matter? What kind of turn-around time do you need? Are you willing to wait a longer turn-around time to receive a higher level of accuracy? What kind of fee are you willing to pay?

Before you even begin reviewing companies, know the answers to these questions.

Many transcription services companies are overseas in countries like India. They often provide a very quick turn-around time at a low-cost but may come with a lot of errors due to the language barrier.

Some companies employ editors who speak English as a first language though such companies may cost more.

If you just need a rough transcript it may not be worth it to pay extra; however, if accuracy is important, be sure to double check on who will be transcribing the work and what their background is.

2. Research Your Options.

After you have a list of your requirements for the transcription you can start researching your options. A quick Google search for “professional transcription services” will bring up a large list of companies.

Take the time to review at least three or four of the companies so you can properly weigh your options.

3. Talk to a Representative. 

If accuracy is one of your most important points, search for professional transcription services that allow you to speak with a representative. If the company employs native English speakers, you should be able to talk with one before submitting your order.

If the company does not have representatives available by phone (or even live chat) you should be wary of their ability to provide you accurate transcription services.

4. Submit Your Order.

Once you find a company that you are comfortable using, submitting your order should be an easy process. Many times you simply upload your file online and the completed transcription is emailed to you or made available on the transcription site for download.

5. Review Your Order. 

Once your order is delivered to you, check it for all the important points like accuracy. Does the final transcription meet the standards promised to you? If not, contact the company and let them know.

If you were able to speak with a representative before you placed your order there is a good chance they will provide excellent customer service at this time. However, if you had not spoken with someone prior to submitting the order there is no telling what level of support you should expect.

If you’re seeking a professional transcription services company, please consider hiring one of TaskBullet’s virtual assistants who are trained in providing such services. Along with each virtual assistant you are also provided a U.S. based project manager who ensures your expectations are met every time. 

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