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Orca focuses on highly specialized remote workers who have the talent and skills to meet the needs of high-level entrepreneurs.
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  • Website Development / Coding

    When it comes to Web Dev it is best left to a specialist. Learning how to code a website is like learning a new language, which isn’t something entrepreneurs have time for. Entrepreneurs need to focus on building the business not building the website.

  • Design

    Great design requires talent and our specialists have it. Whether you need a digital advertisement designed that will drive sales or a beautiful and functional user interface for your website, Orca designers have the tools and the talent to set you apart.

  • Project Management

    Orca project management specialists have the skills to keep you organized, your team motivated, and project deadlines met. Orca project managers are Organized and have great time management skills, they communicate well and will be someone you can rely on.

  • Executive Assistant

    A great Executive Assistant can turn chaos into peaceful serenity. Gone are the days of forgotten meetings, scheduling nightmares, and overloaded to-do lists; now you have someone who can manage your chaotic life so you can focus on enjoying it. Imagine what your friends will think when you have your personal Executive Assistant call them to set up a lunch appointment.


Is it possible for website development to be done remotely?

Remote website development is a perfect fit for remote workers. The building and maintaining of your website is all done via the computer. There is no reason to waste office resources for an employee that is going to do everything via the computer anyway. The work happening behind the scenes to make your website look better, work faster and convert your web traffic to customers is very important to the success of your business. Save the money on office resources and spend it on your remote web developer.

Daniel Nappi / CEO

What is the difference between web development vs. web design?

Web designers and web developers work hand and hand in creating a great user experience for your users on your website. Your web developer will focus more on making your site fast, seamless and consistent between different browsers and screen sizes. Your web designer will work more on the aesthetics of the website, like the color scheme, content layout, graphics and fonts to give your site the aesthetic appeal it needs to stand out from the crowd. When you sign up with Orca both your remote web developer and remote web designer will pull from the same bucket of hours and probably already have experience working together.

Daniel Nappi / CEO