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The   5 - virtual marketing assistantdo-it-yourself internet marketing tasks you need to know!


There are truly brilliant marketing companies out there that will go down in history as being responsible for some of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time: Just Do It, ba da ba ba ba, and every beer commercial ever; just to name a few. These companies like Nike, MCDonald’s,  and Beer spend millions of dollars on marketing and it shows. Unfortunately we all don’t have that kind of internet marketing budget. What we do have is time, actually we may not even have that. If money and time are in short supply use one of our virtual marketing assistant to help you do these do-it-yourself marketing tasks.



Social media - virtual marketing assistantLets be honest, when we talk about social media we are really only talking about Facebook and in some cases instagram. While others exist like: Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, and pinterest, their relevancy in the internet marketing world are about as substantial as Tab is to the cola world. Facebook is to social media what Google is to search. So lets stick with the relevant giant. Facebook has made the process of advertising with them simple and actually walk you through the creation of your ads and offers you pictures you can use for free. Once you have your ad designed you can post it right to your wall and advertise to your followers. If you want the reach of your ad to extend out past your followers you can pay Facebook to place your ad in the news feeds of a carefully selected demographic of people, or every person in the world. You set a budget and Facebook will send your ad out till the budget is reached. A virtual marketing assistant can do this for you if you are having trouble.



CONTENT CONTENT CONTENTcontent - virtual marketing assistant

I can’t stress this enough; CONTENT IS KING! People today are starved for something engaging to stand out and disrupt their content cluttered every day lives. There is so much bad content out there today, everywhere from TV , movies, to Facebook itself. Passion and expertise are the stand outs today, and hopefully you are the expert in your field. Give people something they can use, something interesting, something funny, something engaging. Please don’t contribute to the meaningless, pointless, passionless, uninformed opinion based sorry excuse for content, that permeates the vast expanse of internet marketing.

I understand the tantamount feat it is to create this passion filled content on a daily basis, and in today’s A.D.D. culture of what’s next, you need to be present daily to win the battle. Spend some time each week collecting: mimes, thoughts, pics, how to’s, stories, and other engaging content, then schedule out a weeks worth of posts to drop to your wall everyday. Don’t be afraid to share something someone else posted, people love to be shared. It is important to look at the analytic Facebook offers to see what people are interested in. See which posts got the most likes and comments, and post more of that. Oh and the more back and forth banter in the comments between you and your commenters the more likely Facebook will place you in a greater number of feeds.

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BLOGGINGTear - Virtual marketing assistant (2)

Does the idea of a perpetually updated content rich blog of fascination and wonder bring tears to your eyes?  Well when I put it that way it probably does. The fact is blogging has become a standard for internet marketing. It is a great way to engage with clients and give them expert related content. It is also a great way to get out those keywords that Google looks for to align internet searchers with expert and content rich information. You are the expert at your business or at least you should be, so providing helpful and useful content shouldn’t be too hard. The hard part is being consistent and updating your blog on a regular basis. 

Blogging is not just a platform for you to sell your product or service, this is a key thing to understand. People get turned off quickly if they see you are trying to sell them something. Having a motive is the fastest way to lose credibility. Just like a car salesman telling you whatever you want to hear. There is a reason we look to online unbiased reviews when searching for a car to buy . You want to be that source people trust to get unbiased information. The goal is to be the expert during research mode, so when purchase mode hits you are the one they call.

There is a formula to writing blog posts which takes the intimidation level down a few notches. We have it available free at: We also have virtual marketing assistant if you need further help.



PPC (Pay-Per-Click) ADWORDS CampaignPPC - virtual marketing assistant

PPC stands for pay-per-click, this is a digital marketing strategy that businesses use for internet marketing, where you pay only when someone clicks your ad. With Google the ad shows up on the right or top of the organic searches. While it is true that most people click the organic searches, a PPC Google adword campaigns can still be an effective marketing strategy. People see what is on the top and right of the organic search results even if they don’t click them, so you get name recognition, but only pay for it when someone actually clicks on your ad. 

One of the advantages of advertising with google is you can be specific to the location of the searcher. If you are a plumber and work within a defined location you can limit the ad reach to people in that specific area. That gives you much more bang for your buck.

Google has made it easy and walks you through the setup process, even helps you pick keywords and design your ad.  Our virtual marketing assistant are available to help with this task if you need it.



SEO SEO - virtual marketing assistant

Search engine optimization or SEO, is an internet marketing strategy which optimizes your website to be visible to google. The goal is to rank highest in the organic search section. The problem is that SEO as it relates to Google determining ranking due to content relevancy, is way too vast a subject to cover in a blog.  Infact i’m not sure a novel under 1000 pages could fully cover this grandiose a subject. Google has the greatest minds on the planet creating the greatest search engine to ever grace the internet, and in doing so have also created a vexingly complex system of algorithms.

With all the complexity of Google the simplest way to explain it is; Google wants to provide the best most relevant content for their searchers. If you have the best content and provide real value, then Google will reward you with a higher ranking. If you aren’t ranked high it’s because Google doesn’t think your content, products or services are worth directing their searchers to. The reason Google thinks this is because the people going to your site don’t stay long and don’t click through pages. If you want to rank higher provide better content to engage the customer and keep them at your site longer, this will show Google that you are relevant. 

There are no secrets, tricks, or quick fixes to getting ranked higher than you deserve. This is Google we are talking about, the single smartest search engine company on the planet and by far I might add. Do you really think some fly by night SEO company is going to outsmart Google!!!? A promise from an SEO company to get you ranked at the top of the organic search section over night should be a clear indicator that they are either lying or stupid.

Once you have solid relevant content your best course of action is to either wait for the traffic to organically roll in or purchase it with a Google adwords PPC campaign. This is where Keyword research comes in, which I cover in the next section.

Simple keyword research and strategically placing those chosen keywords throughout your site is the only real SEO you need to worry about. The rest of it is up to the content you offer. If you haven’t figured it out yet content is king. Bottom line is, you can do this yourself you don’t need an expensive internet marketing company doing your SEO for you. Or have a virtual marketing assistant help you for much less than a internet marketing company.

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Keyword Research

Keyword research is as complicated as you want it make it. You can spend hours upon hours researching keywords, or you can spend a few minutes. I have done simple keyword research and have had just as much success as the times I’ve spent hours.

Keyword research is important for organic rankings with Google so it’s important to do it, but you don’t need to over think it. The old adage “K.I.S.S” (keep it simple stupid) applies here. Basically the Keyword Planner in Google will tell you how many times a word or phrase is searched by people on Google within a given month. The higher the search number usually means the higher the bid price. The bid price is what it will cost you to get that word for an adwords campaign. If the bid price is high you don’t want it for SEO, it means a lot of people are going after that search term and in the interest of; you actually ranking, it’s better to pick a term with less interest. Avoid the Keyword research virtual marketing assistantlow hanging fruit here, and think about what your clients might search for, then type it into the keyword planner and see how many times it was searched. If only 100 people per month are searching for it and the bid price is low; get it. Meaning; use that word on your site to describe your products and services or in an adwords campaign. Ranking high to 100 people is better than ranking low to millions of people. As we all know, no one clicks past page 2. We rank number 1 in “virtual assistant services” which is the phrase we are going for. If you look at you will see we use that phrase multiple times to describe our service. It’s also the phrase people search when looking for a virtual marketing assistant and therefore stay on our site to review our; plans and pricing, sample tasks, FAQ, and more. This tells Google the people searching for virtual assistant services find what they are looking for and therefore we maintain our ranking. We don’t go after the phrase “virtual assistant” because too many people searching that are looking for a job as a virtual assistant and not for a virtual assistant services. When they see we aren’t a virtual assistant job site company they quickly back out, thus telling google we aren’t relevant for “virtual assistant” services. This would hurt our ranking due to the large number of people leaving our site quickly. The point is; picking a word or phrase because it gets searched a lot, but doesn’t necessarily apply to what you offer may get traffic up temporarily, but in the long run you will lose traffic and credibility with Google.




The information contained in this blog will help you with internet market your business yourself. Saving you money, but not time. If money is tight and time is what you need more of, let a virtual marketing assistant from Task Bullet take some of these internet marketing tasks off your plate, for a fraction of what you would pay a internet marketing firm. We have skilled virtual marketing assistant with experience in internet marketing ready to assist you. Visit for more info.



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