Human Vs. Machine: Virtual Data Entry Faceoff to the Death

 virtual data entry

Trying to decide between hiring a virtual assistant or using virtual data entry software?
It can be a hard choice because both solutions are great- depending the situation your business is in.

I was reading a review the other day of a software program called RoboForm. It allows you to build a “profile” that stores data about yourself or your business.

The type of data you might include would be: first name, last name, address, P.O.Box, phone number, credit card info and so on. Once you have a profile built you can use it to quickly fill in online forms with your saved data.

data entry software

One of the program benefits is listed as, “Fill forms with a single click.” That’s not a bad idea if you work in a field that requires you to fill out a lot of forms.

For example, online marketers who work in SEO may spend a good amount of time creating profiles for clients on sites like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Google Local.

It can be very annoying to type in the same profile creation data over and over again. Enter RoboForm as a way to help speed up this process.

However, just like with automated anything, there is margin for error. RoboForm may not always fill in the correct data for each field which means you’ll still need to double check before you submit a form.

There’s no doubt that you’re still going to save time at the end, but there’s also no doubt that you’re still wasting time with profile creation busy work.

To really save yourself a headache you might consider hiring a virtual data entry assistant. You know, an actual person, who can help you when it comes to filling out a bunch of forms.

A human being who knows the different between a first name and a full name; someone who can easily understand when a form is asking for a mobile phone number or a business landline.

Think of it this way: when you call a customer support hotline and you’re greeted with a robot, how often do you hear “I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Did you want DOG or CAT?” only to eventually be transferred to a human who can actually understand you.

data entry assistant

This is essentially the same thing. Cut out the middleman (middlerobot?) who will only cost you time and money, and go straight to the solution that will actually help you in the long run.

A virtual data entry assistant will not only cut down on the amount of form filling out you do, but can also lend a hand when it comes to other small tasks.

Need someone to answer your phone? Or someone to help manage your overflowing inbox? What about someone to transcribe notes from your phone conferences? A virtual assistant can do all of that for you in addition to your virtual data entry!

Start shaving off the time it takes you to do busy work, and start allocating that time towards other things like spending more time with your family. A virtual data entry assistant can really help you push closer to the 4-hour workweek!

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