On The Side Tasks For Virtual Assistants – Drawing The Line

So the job of a virtual assistant is pretty clear to everyone. They provide help, support, and input whenever necessary, they do all the pesky research tasks and they are expected to do it with professionalism and efficiently. And the majority of employers expect to pay 20 or 40 hours a week no matter how much time the assistant has actually put into working on their projects. This means constantly spending extra money that could be otherwise invested or saved. To come to your help, TaskBullet puts you in touch with professional Internet Research Specialists who accepts hourly payments. This means they will be paid solely for the hours they have practically spent working for you. Does this include doing your online shopping or ordering flowers for an anniversary you forgot all about?

Virtual Assistant: Time And Money Wisely Saved

No matter how much would a VA spend working for you on a weekly basis, the truth is irrefutable: they are of great help to you, as you can save precious time, energy, and money on doing the tasks yourself or setting up a land office and hiring a full-time secretary or assistant. No employee benefits to worry about, no extra rent for additional office space, no office supplies to buy every week. Just a computer and real-time, online communication. But does this amazing freedom give you the “right” to have a VA perform tasks you would normally do yourself, or you would ask for your personal assistant to help you with?

Since we are talking about virtual employees, watering the plants around the office or picking up the dry cleaning are out of discussion. But is it moral or permissible to ask your virtual assistant to do an authorized locksmith near me search for you? Or set up appointments for free estimates on the state of the locks around the office or your house? There is no right or wrong answer here, since you are responsible for creating a list of requirements and tasks for your virtual assistant or internet researcher to comply with and perform. And since the idea of searching for an emergency locksmith asks for actual research to be done online, this would appear to make a suitable task for a VA. Since they specialize in search&find tyoeof projects, they should have no problem coming across the best and most affordable authorized and licensed locksmith in your area and put you in touch with them. They can even set up appointment with them in your behalf in case they are familiar with your agenda and you are simply too busy to set anything on your own. All Internet Research Specialist TaskBullet can provide you with posses university degrees and they prior experience recommended them as the people most suitable for the job. They therefore have the capacity to find just the right residential, commercial, or automotive lock technician you need and inquire about the practical matters that would otherwise consume your precious time. Instruct them concerning the budget you are willing to allocate to your lock fixing needs and let them handle your needs with professionalism and care.