How a Tech Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

How a Tech Virtual Assistant Can Help Your Business

Is it challenging to deal with the technical side of owning your own business? Or maybe you feel comfortable on the tech side but can’t justify spending your time on it. That means you need a Technical Virtual Assistant for your business. 

Anyone can update a plugin or write a post, but only you can coach a new client or host a podcast. So why don’t you give the other tasks that don’t require your personal touch to someone who enjoys doing them?

Virtual assistants are nothing new. Perhaps as a business owner, you already have a virtual assistant working for you. But do you know a virtual assistant is different from a tech virtual assistant? 

Difference between a Normal Virtual Assistant and a Tech Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant assists businesses by working remotely. Due to their status as independent contractors, VAs choose their rates and working hours. The term ‘Virtual Assistant’ covers a wide range of skill sets.

The skills of a Technical Virtual Assistant are more focused on, well, technology. They will focus more on the tasks behind the scenes involved in running your business. They enjoy maintaining your website and troubleshooting any issues you might experience.

Technical VAs are not likely to offer copywriting or content creation. Instead, they put your content where it needs to be and optimize and format it to fit the platform. They aren’t designers but are proficient in using templates and programs. In addition, they are knowledgeable about social media schedulers and autoresponders.

Services a Tech Virtual Assistant Offer

Here is a list of things you can assign to a tech virtual assistant:

  1. Update WordPress

Assign your tech virtual assistant all of those little tasks that make your WordPress site run smoothly. Their services include making backups of your website, fixing broken links, and updating plugins and themes. Also, they can add and format your blog posts and optimize them so that they are SEO-friendly.

2. Create sequences in your autoresponder

Your tech virtual assistant can add your emails to your autoresponder for your sequences and weekly broadcasts. To each email, they can add the links, images, and tags and then schedule them for distribution at the appointed time.

3. Add Content to Your Chosen Platform

It takes your special touch to create the content for your course. However, your tech assistant can add it to the platform you choose. So you can assign this task to your assistant and save yourself a lot of time.

4. Create Graphics

If you prefer writing content for your social media and blog posts but do not have the time or skills to create graphics, this is an excellent task to outsource. Technical Virtual Assistants can design graphics for you.

5. Select and Optimize Images

Assign your tech VA the task of finding images, resizing, and optimizing them for your website. A technical VA can re-optimize your old images if you aren’t very consistent about optimizing them. This increases your website’s speed; the faster your website is, the better it will be for SEO.

Apart from these, you can assign them other technical tasks such as creating a landing page, scheduling Pinterest content, and basic video editing. 

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