Achieve Work-Life Balance with a Personal Assistant

Achieve Work-Life Balance with a Personal Assistant

Delegate to your Personal Assistant and finally achieve Work-Life-Balance

Hardly have time to go out with your family on weekends because of your job?

Putting in extra hours at work every single day?

Does your job take away the time you should be using to hit the gym or whatever activities you want to do?

Without a personal assistant, most busy people have a hard time achieving work-life balance. They are juggling the demands of their job and other aspects of their lives. Their working so hard that they almost forget the things that matter the most – like their families. Working hard is essential in achieving success, but if you spend your whole life just working, it’s not really going to make you happy in the long run.

What will success mean if you’ve lost the family that should’ve been proud of you?

What does your promotion mean when you get sick from working too much?

Who are you going to celebrate with when you don’t have friends anymore because you’ve lost contact with them while you were busy reaching your goal?

I’m not telling you to not do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. But know that work-life balance is very important in becoming truly happy. All the recognition, all the money you’ve worked hard for will mean nothing when you don’t have anyone to share your success with. Think about why you want to be that successful. Is it for your family? Do you think they’d want all the luxurious things more than having time to spend with you? There’s nothing more valuable than being around the most important people in your life, making memories with them, and letting them feel that you have their back whenever they need you. Not being able to achieve a work-life balance with your personal assistant can hurt your relationships, health, happiness and so much more.

When your boss or customers demand you do something on your time off, give it to your personal assistant. Don’t sacrifice your personal time with things that can be assigned to your personal assistant. Do not open your emails during your day off and you don’t have to talk to anyone work-related when it’s supposed to be your free time. I understand that when you are the boss, there’s a lot of stuff you need to do round the clock, but should you? I mean, you can be hands-on with your business and still delegate some of the lighter loads to a personal assistant. Achieving a work-life balance is all about working smarter not harder. You do not have to do everything alone.

By hiring a personal assistant, you can have extra time to spend with your family or go to the gym or anywhere you want whenever you want. Say, you are a real estate agent, right? You are meeting people every day, you also have to send tons of emails and make phone calls every single day. You have a website you need to maintain and social media accounts to update. Does it have to be you who needs to do all those tasks? If you take care of all of them alone, do you think you could still make time for yourself and your family? Will, you not more effective if there’s someone else around to carry other loads for you?

If you want a work-life balance and haven’t thought of hiring a personal assistant yet, it is high time that you really consider getting one. If you feel like your job is getting in the way of you taking care of other important stuff in your life, then you better start thinking of options out there that could change the situation before it’

s too late. Your job is important, so is your family and your health. Here are some of the reasons why hiring a personal assistant can help you out a lot in achieving a work-life balance:

Benefits of work-life balance with a personal assistant

  • You get more time for your personal life

This is the most important advantage you could get out of hiring a personal assistant. Imagine freeing some of your workloads and giving it to someone else. The time that you should’ve been spending working on those tasks can be used to spend with your family and relaxation.

  • Keeps you on schedule

A personal assistant can help you keep track of your day-to-day agenda. They can organize your calendar and remind you of important appointments every day. If you have a lot in mind, chances are you will miss an appointment or two in a day. But if you have someone to make sure you meet your schedule, there’s not going to be a missed appointment.

  • Stress reduction

If there’s a lighter load on your shoulder, you worry less too. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting everything done. Your personal assistant will get everything done every day. You will no longer be overwhelmed by a lot of stuff thus giving you time to relax.

Virtual Assistant Client

  • Have someone to exchange ideas with

Depending on your personal assistant’s experience and skills, you could be open to their ideas and suggestions on some matters in your business or job. They might be able to help you in coming up with new strategies for your business. You could take advantage of their special skills and use them to become a more effective entrepreneur.

  • You can be more productive

It’s like having two of you. You focus on the tasks that require your expertise and delegate the rest to your personal assistant. For example, you are a sales agent and you decide to hire a personal assistant. They can make calls and set up appointments. You can focus on closing the deal.

  • You can make more money

Though some might think that getting a personal assistant is an extra cost, most business owners say that they make more money by hiring a personal assistant. Because they are more productive and closer to a work-life balance when they have a personal assistant, they can be more focused on the most important parts of their business that generate revenue. They don’t fret about small stuff because someone else is doing it for them.

  • Improve management skills

If you haven’t had any employees yet, this is your opportunity to exercise your leadership and management skills. You’ll learn how to delegate tasks, train new skills and communicate effectively.

Given the above advantages, I don’t think you should still think twice about getting a personal assistant. Whether you have an office or not. You can achieve work-life balance with a virtual personal assistant. In fact, I’m going to tell you why hiring a virtual personal assistant is better than getting an office-based assistant.

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  • Flexible hours

Virtual personal assistants can work anytime. You will not need to make sure they have access to your home/office if you are out. They can work during your business hours or at night so the tasks are completed before you wake up the next morning. 

  • More cost-effective

You could save money on office space because you don’t need an office for them. You don’t need to buy a desk and a computer for them. They already have the tools and resources. You also don’t have to pay for their taxes and benefits.

  • A virtual team at your beacon call 

If you only have one assistant, you can’t expect him/her to know everything. But, if you hire a VA company, they can get you a person that matches the skill sets needed for a specific task. For example, you need a graphic artist for one task and a telemarketer for another. They can be two different people because it’s rare to find one person that can do both.

  • They can be temporary

If you already have staff and you just need to fill one position for a certain period of time, you could hire a virtual personal assistant and keep them until you have someone permanent for the position.

Keep in mind that virtual assistants are self-employed experts. They are essential in your business growth and you can finally achieve a work-life balance with their help. You just need to hire the right company and get the right person or set of people for the tasks that you need to delegate. You do not have to be a martyr by doing everything alone. If there are services out there that could allow you to free some of your workloads, why not take advantage of it and see how it could truly change your life.

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